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Justin Bieber Introduction

Justin Bieber ( March 1, 1994 -) is popular in Canada is rapidly rising young pop. His single” One Time” will be launched by the rapid hot, he not only in music is amazing talent: creation, drumming, dancing, playing guitar, piano, trumpet is good, but looks very adorable very handsome. At the age of 15, he was first in the video site Youtube” to sing red” himself, and then was agent Scooter Braun to discover, in consultation and King Usher, Scooter Braun quickly signed him up. In recent years, his popularity is popular in internet. ” Baby” YouTube global video hits over six hundred million global ranking first. Micro-blog fans number second in the world, in the “2011 Forbes Global 100 star ranking” ranked third on Bibb.

Justin Bieber profile
Nickname: JB, J-Beebs, Bieber, Beebs, Bee, JBiebs, B Po, Po, little Justin.

Fan nickname: BELIEBER ( B Bao fan nickname that is recognized worldwide, BELIEBER is composed of believe+bieber and combination. In B

twitter appear frequently. ) ( just love Bieber )

Nationality: Canada

Residence: the United States of Losangeles, in the Canadian Stratford ( Canada in southwest Ontario province city ) grew up

Birthday: March 1, 1994: Pisces constellation

Justin Bieber height variation

Justin Bieber Height Changes  Height: about 176cm ( long high school )
Justin Bieber – black jacket

Weight: 108 pounds ( 53 kilograms )

Shoes : the SIZE 7.5 (US 41, UK code 42 )

Family: dad mom: Jeremy,: Pattie ( parental divorce, the father remarried, sister ): Jasmine (born May 30, 2008 ), brother: Jaxon ( born

November 20, 2009)

First love: 13 years ( source:” BABY” ( When I Lyric: was 13, I had my first love )

First kiss: 13 years old, at school dances, and friends to a $ten bet for a completely unknown girls. He went to ask a girl, can I dance with you? The

girl agreed, they did a dance, Justin and kiss her, later the girl kissed Justin. (available at present Justin already forget that girl’s name. )

Fear: narrow closed places, cannot place of activity ( as a child had been locked in the toy box, later 2 hours trapped in the elevator ) — i.e.,

claustrophobic, ( sometimes by Fans around not elsewhere he also very helpless ).

Pet phrase: You know … In Canada, …

Master: Usher

Daily good friend: Ryan Butler ( One Time MV actor ), Chaz Somers (you will see his autobiography and Ryan, photo. Three of them are daily

buddy, Justin in interviews often referred to them ), Christian Beadles ( little girl, girlfriend of Caitlin’s brother ), Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena

Gomez, Jasmine V

Hobbies: singing, dancing, creation, skateboarding, basketball and drive.

Origin: Canada ( but grandpa is German ) Specialty: creation, drums, guitar, piano, dancing, trumpet, B-box ( like a guitar)

Most likes the color: purple, blue.

Voice: is in the changing period, after becoming a hoarse voice changing period, low, but the song is still very beautiful.

Image: Michael Jackson

Like most of the star: Beyonce Giselle Knowles ( like the artist, but the impact is the biggest MJ. He said:” most of my inspiration comes from the

MJ.” )

The award after winning the speech: ” thank you Michael Jackson. I want to say is, if not Michael Jackson, we are not going to stand here.”

In everyone’s eyes, Bibb was once a famous young new Canadian Idol singer. Early in YouTube remake of other artists songs and famous, now

with Island Records signed on, its musical rhythm, at the same time

With a strong personal style, is a personality, good music artist.

Living in the United States of America Atlanta Georgia, ( currently in the United States Development ) and in November 17, 2009 the release of

his first album” my world” — 1 deadline issued after fifth week, the album has sold more than 522000 copies in the United States, and was certified

as platinum records in canada.

The album has been released in March 23, 2010 second part. At the same time, because the sales result is good, the Justin has issued in April 12,

2010″ my world” upgrade edition –” my world” ( 2). Has now launched in November 26, 2010 album” My Worlds” unplugged version –” My

Worlds Acoustic” ( including the new single” Pray” ).

2011″ Baby” YouTube global video hits over six hundred million, ranking first in. Now have a large number of fans, he Twitter ( micro-blog ) on

fans stop in May 29th 11 year already exceeded 10 millions ( currently only Lady Gaga and Justin Twitter fan quantity exceeds 1 ten million ),

and still is increasing ceaselessly in.

MV click rate

By the end of May 25, 2011

The” One Time” : 257 million ,

The” Baby” : 596 million ,

The” Never Let You Go” : 146 million ,

The” Never Say Never” : 241 million ,

The” Somebody To Love” : 176 million ,

The” Love Me” : 78 millions ,

The” U Smile” : 45 millions ,

The” Pray” : 49 millions ,

The” That Should Be Meft Rascal Flatts” : 24 millions.      (Tomorrow is introduced Justin Bieber star effect and achievement honor.)

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