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Justin Bieber profile–Justin Bieber star effect
13 debut and popular Justin Bieber, have spent 17 birthday. A new year, as have considerable potential for the development of the Bieber, want to be able to develop continuously, he is now in a changing period, voice is hoarse voice, mutational, perhaps is the day to sing without protection good voice. Bieber hope I can go through puberty, and also hope that he can come on protection of good voice, after all, if you like he loves the MJ, voice before the children up Jackson agitation, mutational unique voice music wind once again swept the world attracting millions of fans, light with a good male handsome image and win universal praise of love is not enough.
Teen idol Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber ) signature hairstyle” B” led to a trend, global boys are copied.
Justin Bieber’s free hair has been his mark, but he finally got the hair cut.
Justin and his thick bangs said goodbye, cut a more layered natural messy hair. B said he likes her new hairstyle, the cut hair to take them all to do charity auction!
Speaking of his bangs, Justin. Bibb ( Justin Bieber ) said:” I want a little change. I don’t want to turn it off completely, but I already gave it three and a half years. I began to hate it, will cover my eyes. I don’t want to let it take my face covered. I want to change it!”

Justin BieberĀ achievement honor
2011 Billboard Music Awards ( 2011 Billboard Music Awards ) received 11 nominations, winning 7 awards
Best newcomer ( Top New Artist ) : Justin Bieber
The best society ( Top Social Artist ) Artist : Justin Bieber
Best streaming media artist ( Top Streaming Artist ) : Justin Bieber
The best digital stream media artist ( Top Digital Media Artist : Justin Bieber )
Best pop album ( Top Pop Album ) : Justin Bieber” My World 2″
Best streaming video ( Top Streaming Song [Video ] ) : Justin Bieber Ludacris Baby Feat.”"
Fans love Awards: Justin Bieber
2011 the children of ten example third
The 2011 UK NME Music Award nominated three.
Justin Bibb ( Justin Bieber ) and his album” My World” was named the best dressed and album of the year.
The twelfth Teen Choice Awards ( Teen Choice Awards )
Best male artist ( Choice Music: Male Artist: Justin Bieber )
Best pop album ( Choice Pop Album ): Justin Bieber -” My World 2″
The most outstanding male singer ( Choice Breakout Artist – Male: Justin Bieber )
The best summer music
Male singer ( Choice Summer Music Star Male: Justin Bieber )
The twenty-seventh session of the MTV Video Music Awards for Best Newcomer Award for” Justin Bieber Baby”
The 2010 Canadian MuchMusic Video Music Awards
The Canadian Best International Video Awards ( International Video by a Canadian: Justin Bieber ft. ) Ludacris” Baby”
Ur fave video ( UR FAVE Video ): Justin Bieber ft . Ludacris -” Baby”
Fan favorite Newcomer Award ( UR FAVE New Artist ) Justin Bieber ft . Ludacris -” Baby”
2010 American Music Awards announced the show guests
The 2010MTV Europe Music Awards
In 2010 thirty-seventh people’s Choice Award for most outstanding progress singer Nominees
2010 AMA American Music Awards
Artist of the year ( ARTIST OF THE YEAR ) — Justin Bieber
Breakthrough Artist ( BREAKTHROUGH ARTIST ) — Justin Bieber
Pop / Rock ( POP / ROCK ) is the most popular male singer ( Favorite Male Artist ) — Justin Bieber
Pop / Rock ( POP / ROCK ) is the most popular album ( Favorite Album ) Justin Bieber,” My World 2″
2010 MTV Europe Music Awards
Best male singer: Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber )
” PUSH” best singer: Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber )
2010 Mengniu yoghourt newcomer Awards
The annual overseas Newcomer Award — Justin Bieber
In 2011 68 Golden Globe Awards
2011 fifty-third annual glamor Award for “best newcomer” and” best pop album ” Award nomination
The 2011 Brit Awards
International Breakthrough Artist – Justin Bieber
The 2011 NBA All-Star guests
Best breakthrough Male Artist: Justin Bibb – Best Pop Album:” My World 2″ – Justin Bibb
Best actor: Justin Bibb – Summer Music
In September 13, 2010 Losangeles news, local time on September 13th, twenty-seventh session of the MTV Video Music Awards ( MTV Video Music Awards ) held. Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber ) won the Best Newcomer Award ( the Best New Artist award ). And in baby and somebody to love outdoor performances and play the drums
The international online entertainment channel ‘s ” global entertainment thermal power 2010 the Redskins network selection ( special )” in Europe and the United States to vote second finalists
2010MTV Europe Music Awards for” best male vocalist” award
November 21, 2010 AMA entertainer of the year, best breakthrough artist, Best Male Pop Vocal Album and best four awards
In 2010 the hottest celebrity former AOL search ten
In 2010 the National Grand Prix victory over Mariah Carey, Madonna, Lady Gaga and others, to obtain the best artist of the year award.
2010 on December 1st, fifty-third glamor Music Awards ( Grammy Awards ) announced the award nomination, Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber ) was nominated for best newcomer and best pop album list, this is Justin Bieber first won the nomination by the glamor!
In 2010 Justin school girls” guest”.
In 2011 Justin Bieber teamed up with comedian Andy Samberg in hilarious comedy”.”.
In 2011 Justin Bieber” my world 2″ was the fifty-third best pop album Award nomination glamor
In 2011 Losangeles All-Star celebrity game MVP (best of )
16 birthday ( 18 pieces)
Twenty-fourth annual Kids Choice Awards ( Kids Choice Awards ) is the most popular male singer ( Favorite Male Singer ): Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber )
Twenty-fourth annual Kids Choice Awards ( Kids Choice Awards ) is the most popular song ( Favorite Song ): Justin Bieber” Baby”
The 2011MTV Movie Awards ( MTV Movie Awards ): Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber ) with Never Say Never film biography takes the most shocking moment Award ( The Best Jaw Dropping Moment Award ) trophy
In 2011 the United States of America” country music recording awards” ( CMT Music Awards ) Justin Bieber ( Justin Bieber ) and Rascal Flatts That Should Be Me” by virtue of” to take” best collaboration video”
. twenty-second MuchMusic Video Music Awards fan favorite artists:
Justin Bieber” Somebody to Love”
The annual Canadian International Video: Justin Bieber” Somebody to Love”

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