Justin Bieber’s Idol:Michael Jackson

Justin Bieber‘s Idol:Michael Jackson.Next, to introduce for everyone:Michael Jackson alive when brief introduction

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – the United States on June 25, 2009, June 26th Beijing time ), pop music, rock music, singer, dancer, actress R&B music, choreography, philanthropist and a record producer. Known as the king of Pop ( King of Pop ), pop music and pop culture representative figures in the nineteen eighties, the whole of modern popular music history to create an era. At the same time as an excellent all-round artist, Michael Jackson not only in the music has a remarkable achievement, in dance, stage performances, fashion and so on have a unique contribution and the extraordinary influence, he is recognized as one of the greatest artists.

He is a good all-rounder in music, lyrics, composer, arranger, making a scene, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and so on have a remarkable achievement. He served as lead singer and the youngest member, debuted at the 1964 The Jackson 5 band, and later began a solo career in 1971 successfully. In 1979 adult released their first album” Off The Wall” is regarded as the disco classic, 1982 album” Thriller”, the fusion of the different music medicine, this covers pop, rock, disco, R&B funk, a work of genius, not only broke the racial boundaries, breaking the monopoly of the white pop music at that time, still in the subculture of black music into the mainstream, for future generations of black entertainers laid the bright road. History’s most famous single” We Are the World public” is he and Barry Ricci co-written by. He created the modern MTV, the music video from a propaganda tool to convert into a story with a musical art form. As a modern MTV music founder and milepost,” Thriller” is the true sense marked the birth of MV.

Single” Thriller” music video is the world’s first modern MV, known as the” history of the greatest music videos”, unprecedented promoted MTV in the modern music industry status, nowadays MTV this form of music throughout almost the whole of modern pop music is widely used.

This is seen as a” cultural, historical and artistic value .” “” Thriller” has become the first to be the United States of America Library of Congress’s collection of MV. ” Billie Jean” music video to make MJ become the first appeared on the MTV television black singer, destroyed the commercial radio for several generations of apartheid. Michael Jackson also popularized the complex modern dance, such as machinery dance and walk on the moon. He ‘s unique sound, voice, singing, dancing, extending to all over the world, breaking the cultural, racial, economic, the age gap, motivation and effect of numerous pop, rock, R&B, hip hop artist. Michael has won a glamor Lifetime Achievement Award, as one of the few artists, the one and only three was inducted into the rock and Roll Hall of fame, he also received a number of Guinness world records, including” the history of the world ‘s most successful artists”,” one year makes money most pop singer”,” the most successful pop happy family” [1 ]. 15 has a glamor awards, 26 American Music Awards ( American Music Award history ‘s most awarded artist, including the” century of artists .” ), the United States has 17 songs billboard chart singles champion ( including four The Jackson 5 period of song ).

” Thriller” is the world sales of the first album, total record sales volume has reached 111 million pieces. Other album” Off The Wall” ( 1979),” BAD” ( 1987),” Dangerous” ( 1991), and” HIStory” ( 1995) also ranks among the world’s greatest hits. In the international record industry association announced the “global album sales charts”, Michael Jackson ranked first, the global record sold more than 800 million copies [2 ], 315 million[3] of individuals have global album sales certification, but also make him music best-selling pop singer [2 ]. He is also the world’s largest number of fans of the singer, a prominent philanthropist and humanitarian, he donated $ 300 million to charity, is the world’s personal contributions to charities on behalf of most artists ( alone and in support of the world’s 39 rescue Charitable Foundation). He is not only a hundred years of the artist, but also a good many philanthropist. Unfortunately, he is also a media vilified by the world most, the most misunderstood man.

At the same time, Jackson ‘s personal life has also sparked controversy for many years, his nose and skin color changes ( due to suffering from vitiligo and systemic lupus erythematosus skin melanin unstable ) has been media coverage. He married two times, respectively, in 1994 and 1996, and has three children. In the United States in June 25, 2009 by Michael Jackson injection drug overdose of propofol in a deep coma to hospital rescue is invalid, the afternoon, was announced the death, at the age of 50. He was originally scheduled for July 13th of the same year began comeback concert, originally expected in 10 concert tickets sold out within hours, followed by encore to 50 games, a total of 1.15 million votes, the other forty tickets were in the open tickets sold out within four hours, but the concert with Michael Jackson’s passing away is unable to sing. His death shocked the world, millions of fans cry, at a memorial service attracted a global audience of about 3 billion. Ratings were also set a Guinness record, and Michael Jackson’s great man cannot understand the language can not express.
Record total sales
Up to now include J5, TJ period of genuine album sales have broken 1.05 billion.

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